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We come from humble beginnings and zero skills whatsoever.


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The Museum of the Indian Journey to the United States of America is committed to capturing, promoting and preserving the individual and collective experience of the Indian diaspora to the United States.

Our goal is to foster awareness of the Indian journey to the United States and document stories of immigrants upon arrival to assimilation and highlight achievements and contributions, along with any struggles in respective fields.

These unique stories will further enhance understanding and respect for Indian heritage and culture in wider society, by forming a connection and providing an automatic sense of unity and belonging, allowing us to identify with those of similar experiences and backgrounds, and perhaps better understand the Indian American journey and history.

The featured showcases will inspire visitors along with our youth to pursue their dreams, akin to how each one of us has and thereby contribute to Indian Americans.

The tall and strong tree of our logo represents the fusion of the two great societies. The blending of colors of the flags of India and the United States signifies the celebration of our roots and respect for our new home as proud Indian Americans.