2018 promises to be a year of inspiring stories

2018 for IHC has been a very exciting year, we recorded some of the most heartwarming, captivating, inspiring, heartbreaking and remarkable stories recorded thus far.  You may have seen Kamal Kalsi’s story, who won the right to wear his turban in the US Army or Rakesh Kaul, a successful author, entrepreneur and a business magnate.  Kanta Mahendroo shared her eyewitness account of Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s assassination or Dr. Virender Sethi’s which shows his journey from heartache of Partition to healing the hearts of his patients or Dr. Abraham George’s encouraging story as the Messiah of the underprivileged and Mayor Ravi Bhalla, the first Sikh to hold elected office in the state of NJ.

Our community has so very much to share and to be proud of, whether it is heightened success in a particular field to an experience which changed the course of a life, every story deserves to be celebrated, cherished and just as importantly, preserved for our future generations. 

The stories IHC collects are recorded in a manner which will captivate the attention of its viewer.  The production of each story takes a team of dedicated people, top of the line audio and video equipment and masters of editing, web and social media posting.

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