Cristy Kaur

Director IHC

As a Punjabi American, Cristy Kaur fell in love with her cultural from an early age.  Born in Zambia and educated in England, Cristy has a deep passion and respect for her Indian heritage. This resolve stuck with her still today, leading her to get involved with India Heritage Center and other causes to help and promote the community.  Cristy provides support to the Board and believes that the India Heritage Center’s mission is an incredible initiative to record and preserve each and every Indian immigrant story.

Besides her philanthropic passion and guidance, Cristy is a member of HMH and Associates, an all women, advisory team at Merrill Lynch.  In her capacity as a financial advisor, it is her value that she owes her clients her best thinking of what is in their best interest.

Cristy has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Hofstra University and a MBA in finance from Baruch College. She previously worked as an institutional derivatives salesperson for over 15 years and uses her background in capital markets to educate and build valued relationships. She and her husband and two sons reside in Cedar Grove, New Jersey.